Keeping employees abroad safe since 2011

Bo Bischoff founded Bischoff Advisory in 2011. We are a small and dedicated team of professionals, with a proven track record and more than 80 years of experience with building organisational resilience and managing risk in areas with adverse conditions and high risk.

We have insight in global, regional and local trends and understand how markets, economies and subsequently organisations will be affected. We know the strategic implications for countries and sectors and may help you navigate by establishing credible scenarios.

We know what works and what does not when operating in challenging political, economic and cultural settings.

We can assist you in identifying strategic partners locally and help you build the local networks, which will keep you sheltered in troubled times.

We know what works when it comes to building organisational resilience and how people and organizations react in a crisis. We bring clarity and focus to the fog of fast paced events. We appreciate the critical importance of communications – also with external stakeholders. All in all; and we will help your weather the storms.

Should you need someone with a clear mind at your side in a talk, we will be there. We have successfully concluded negotiations with Congolese guerrillas, Somali and Iraqi clans, Khmer Rouge, Taliban, Bosnian Serb militias, Tamil Tigers and other similar groups.

Risk and uncertainty

We have a soft spot for challenging projects; Opening Sarajevo for humanitarian supplies, establishing a mine clearance programme in Somalia, keeping employees and assets safe during the Northern Alliance offensive, striking a deal with the Khmer Rouge. A solar plant in Mali? Windpower in Afghanistan? Fish farming in Mindanao? Waste management in Lebanon? We are up for the challenge.

Often companies and organisations hesitate when faced with risk. We live in the safest and most peaceful part of the world and have been sheltered from the harsh realities in other parts of the globe.

Most often risk can be measured gauged and weighed against alternatives. Frequently risk may be managed. As it should. However, appetite for risk differs. Some see opportunity where risk is involved, others perceive but potential loss and a few walk the tightrope – managing risk.

Managing risk always involves uncertainty. Uncertainty stems from lack of data, insight and experience. Uncertainty cannot be eliminated, however, minimizing uncertainty is also within reach of organizations. And we know how.

We believe in agility and adaptability. Being informed, having fast reactions and high mobility is your best formula. This means that your organization is best served by tapping into local resources, by designing local networks, by gaining social license to operate, by cutting red tape, connecting decision-makers and by active two-way communications with stakeholders. Easier said than done – if the human terrain is unfamiliar.

We believe in agility and adaptability. Being informed, having fast reactions and high mobility is your best protection.

When it comes to your business, there really is no substitute for preparation. This includes a thorough analysis, which places the intellectual processes before the practical ditto.

The path to success against difficult odds goes through thorough analysis of patterns. So, if you are challenged or perhaps intimidated by the uncertainties in a given project, business venture or intervention in a difficult environment, we would love to hear from you.

The partners

Bo Bischoff, Partner

Bo has an MBA in strategic planning, a military background and vast international managerial experience from commercial, humanitarian and military sectors. He has worked for more than 25 years in conflict and post conflict areas, where he has implemented and managed complex projects in seriously challenging settings. He has a broad field of expertise but excels in Crisis Management. He has a black belt in mine clearance, bomb disposal and a fondness for the finer details of Duty-of-Care policies.

+45 40 43 83 13

Jacob Kaarsbo, Partner

Jacob brings expertise on intelligence and analysis to Bischoff Advisory’s clients. He served for 15 years at the Danish Defence Intelligence Service starting as a Middle East analyst and progressed to management positions on Middle East and Africa Analysis, Counter-Terror and finally head of Quality Development. Furthermore, Jacob has served at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was posted to the United Nations Security Council. He often appears in the media commenting on foreign affairs, providing guidance through the fog of war.

+45 25 12 34 86

Jens Hansen, Partner

Jens is a seasoned senior army officer who has served in a host of international missions primarily in Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. He brings expertise in operational analysis and planning with a focus on foresight and the ability of the organisation to contain adverse effects while business continues. With over 40 years of experience, Jens is broadly applicable, but at his best when training crisis management teams. He is also a competent pilot, glider instructor and can manage on his own in the jungle.

+45 81 75 65 83

Flemming Wenzell, Partner

Flemming has worked with security globally for more than 3 decades. As a security manager he has worked in most fields both geographically and operationally but has specialised in corporate event security management and executive protection. He is a highly qualified martial arts instructor, who has trained Danish SOF’s in close combat, a trauma medic knows his cyber security and is a skilled Prince2 practitioner. Flemming has a deep knowledge about all aspects of the development and implementation of business continuity programmes and how to safeguard corporate assets worldwide, which is where he primarily assists our clients.

+45 60 74 97 30

A few words from our clients

“Bischoff Advisory conducted a security assessment for the Nepal Country Office of the Danish Red Cross. It was a thorough examination of all relevant aspects of the risk environment and, importantly, included appropriate and feasible recommendations for concrete action to improve our risk management. When earthquakes hit Nepal in April and May 2015, the security set-up recommended by Bischoff Advisory was tested – and it passed with flying colours!”

Anders Skjelmose,
Country Manager, Nepal, Danish Red Cross

“SOS Børnebyerne has worked closely with Bischoff Advisory for 5 years. They have been instrumental in our transformation proces towards a professional approach to risk management and duty-of-care.”

Mikkel Hauschildt,
HR Director, SOS Børnebyerne

“CISU has over the years used Bischoff Advisory for training in Travel Security Awareness, High Risk Awareness training, threat assessments, briefings, tracking of employees on missions and ad-hoc advice. CISU has been very satisfied with the service from Bischoff Advisory!”

Bolette Kornum,
Controller, CISU

Bo Bischoff
+45 70 70 74 56
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