Words from Clients

“Bischoff Advisory conducted a security assessment for the Nepal Country Office of the Danish Red Cross. The assessment was done through on-site visits, in-depth discussions with office staff and consultations with external resources.

- Anders Skjelmose, Country Manager, Nepal, Danish Red Cross


Resilience is an objectively measurable competitive differentiator. In other words; your value will rise and your costs decrease with increased resilience.

In a world of increasing complexity and hyper-connectivity, we work with all facets of resilience; preparedness, protection, response & recovery to ensure your resilience on all levels of your organization.

We take you past traditional risk and governance models, beyond a defensive security and protection posture and enhance your ability to anticipate and withstand crisis through a heightened awareness of your situation, your risks, vulnerabilities and current capabilities. We will render you better suited to make informed tactical and strategic decisions.

Strategic Risks
Strategic risks differ. What most organisations fear on the strategic level is interstate conflict, internal conflict, disorder of a political, ethnical or religious nature and natural disasters. Besides increasing uncertainty, these phenomena will cause business interruption, increase supply chain risks and may cause market stagnation or decline.

Though we are powerless against force majeure, by engaging us you can prepare for the worst and obtain an early warning and minimize recovery time.

Business Risks
For most organisations operational risks means theft, fraud, cybercrime, espionage, corruption, malpractice, labour market issues or non-compliance. To these you may add cultural issues, public relations, and loss of brand value – all the non-tangibles which are so hard to measure, so slippery, fast and difficult to control. Especially when on foreign ground.

You may need guides?

Personal risks
The risks associated with travels or the life as an expatriate are multiple. Diseases, epidemics, traffic, crime, unrest and wildlife – just to mention a few – are often exacerbated by poor health care, inadequate infrastructure, communication difficulties, corruption and what have you. These conditions accentuates the Duty to Care obligations of organizations, but may be met with inadequate measures?

Give us an hour of your time and you will be wiser on organizational resilience – we will be wiser on your challenges. Call us at +45 4043 8313 or e-mail bischoff@bischoffadvisory.com