Words from Clients

“Bischoff Advisory conducted a security assessment for the Nepal Country Office of the Danish Red Cross. The assessment was done through on-site visits, in-depth discussions with office staff and consultations with external resources.

- Anders Skjelmose, Country Manager, Nepal, Danish Red Cross


Bo Bischoff has a military background, an MBA in strategic planning and vast international experience from both the commercial, humanitarian and military sectors. Among his key achievements are;

• Turn-around of Swedish University Hospital after sector reforms.
• Opening of Gorazde and Sarajevo for humanitarian convoys after months of Serbian siege.
• Evacuation of all staf and equipment from NW Cambodia during last Khmer Rouge offensive – without losses.
• Relocating staff and equipment and continuing operations with only minor disruptions during last Angolan war.
• Implementing the first succesful Mine Action Program in Somalia after the civil war.
• Evacuation of all staff from Kabul after 9/11 and weathering the Northern Alliance offensive – without losses.
• Establishing Danish Demining Group as a global player.
• Handling the politically and environmentally sensitive clearance of the last German WW2 minefield in Denmark.
• Establishing and chairing an Audit Board within the Armed Forces as a response to negative reviews from State Auditors and bad press.

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